Here’s what the students and parents think about Dance One Studios…

As a former student I am writing to express the impact Dr Netting and Dance One Studios has had on me. Not until now did I realize how much I grew not only as a dancer, but as a person in my 14 years at Dance One Studios. I grew not only as a technical dancer, but I learned lessons that will stay with me my whole life, lessons that build character, integrity, and a work ethic. The passion and enthusiasm Dr. Netting has for dance, her stories, experiences, and knowledge only have made me strive for a career that is enveloped in such passion. I miss Dance One and know that its longevity is a tribute to Dr. Netting and the teachers she continues to mentor each and every year. Miss you!!A former student of Dance One Studios
Dance One Studios is terrific place to receive a dance education.  The facility is absolutely gorgeous, the staff is terrific, and the teachers are fabulous!   I have watched my daughter grow into a BEAUTIFUL, knowledgeable dancer through their knowledge, training, guidance, experience, and education, I can honestly say that Dance One Studios of Douglassville, PA has “Raised the Barre” for dance education in Berks County and the surrounding area!A Parent at Dance One Studios
I’ve been to 3 different studios, this by far is the best. The other two were ok, but they did not meet my expectations. They really focus on the students individual needs. I’ve been going there for 5 years and next year is my last year.
Dance One Studios is a great dance studio. I have been to two other studios and my daughter loves the ‘kingdom’. My daughter is learning ALOT yet it is all done in a fun environment. The teacher is very supportive and you can watch every class! I definitely recommend this for any little one!!
I would not have her go anywhere else for her dance education in the area. Best Dance Training Offered Here….Moving to Chester County and after a horrendous experience at another local dance school, I learned of Dance One Studios through a friend and enrolled my daughter. The Owner, Dr. Netting, evaluated my daughter’s abilities and placed her in a summer class to start off. I knew I was in the right place when my daughter cried to me after two classes WANTING MORE! We began with one beginner ballet class and private instruction class. Four years later, my daughter has had the opportunity to take Master Classes with ballet professional Finis Jung, a professional modern dance company, Danah Bella Dance Works, and class lead by a rising star hip hop master currently studying in California, Kelsey. But it doesn’t stop here, after a few run-ins, in their beautiful waiting room equipped with flat screen TVs showing classes in progress, Dr. Netting offered a boys’ tap class to my 10 year old son. Hoofing is now part of my football player’s weekly regimen. Between both children, we have experienced most of Dance One Studios’ technique classes; ballet, modern, tap, jazz, and hip hop and couldn’t be more impressed. After a certain level of technique is achieved, Dance One Studios offers intermediate and advanced technique classes by invitation only to the serious dancer. It’s very nice to have the classes split at a certain level and gear the training appropriately; those in it to have fun like my son and those who would like a more serious atmosphere like my daughter. The Studio also holds annual auditions for their Pre-Professional Companies who travel across the US performing in venues such as Washington DC and the Lincoln Center. This is NOT a competition school and there are no Abby Lee Miller Dance Moms Here!!! If you’re looking for a fun, creative, and technique oriented dance school led by professional dance teachers (NOT a student working for free classes), Dance One Studios in Douglassville is the place to come! There is an annual Company performance every year in March and a full studio recital in June. If you have the opportunity, come to a show and check them out!!A Parent at Dance One Studios
The teachers at the studio are caring and have the students best at heart. They continue to help my daughter hone her skills so that she can continue dance into college and beyond. Since all of the teachers have college degrees, as well as professional experience, I feel that my daughter is not only getting a solid dance education by learning proper technique but, she is also exposed to the history of dance. She has grown, not only as a dancer but as a person, due to the amazing students and teachers at the studio.Parent
Due to the exceptional staff, her love of dance has grown tremendously over the years. She is now at the studio 5 nights a week taking classes in Ballet, Modern, Pointe, Tap, Hip Hop and Leaps and Turns. She is also currently in 2 of the 3 pre-professional dance companies, DOCBT and DO TAP. The students in these companies are hand selected through an audition process. They learn complicated choreography and also learn great teamwork skills. These pre-professional companies are asked to perform at such venues as The National Cherry Blossom Festival and the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, the Lincoln Center in NYC, the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia and at the Philadelphia Youth Festival.Parent of Dance One Studios
The credentials, knowledge, and experience that is housed at Dance One Studios is incredible and the fact that Dr. Netting continues to share all of her insight, in detail, with every new group of students makes Dance One Studios #1 in my book.
A Formal student
My daughter started dance lessons when she was 4 years old. We signed her up at DANCE ONE Studios and have been there ever since-in June, she will be participating in her 10th recital with the studio.Dance One Parent

I am hoping this email will find its way to Dr. Netting. I was unable to locate her specific address.

I wanted to thank you for all you do for our children. Your selection of staff is great. My daughter is currently in the creative movements class with Miss Paige. Miss Paige is phenomenal with the children. She makes each class fun and exciting. She has the perfect amount of discipline. The children are able to learn dance but still have fun.

My daughter missed dance over the holiday break and more importantly missed Miss Paige. She is a great role model for my daughter. She is creating a love for dance in my daughter that I couldn’t be happier for.

Again thank you for all you do and for selecting a great teacher!

Dance One Parent

“So glad to be part of the Dance One Family!!!”  Adele Reilly

“Shout out to Miss Amanda and Miss Jen!  You are fantastic and Alice’s love of dance has really blossomed thanks to your patience and passion!”  Kimberly Kulp

“AMAZING!!!! So impressed with these girls and Miss Amanda is phenomenal. we are so lucky to have her as a role model for Vic”  Kelly Loomis

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