9-11 1st year

For ages 9-11 or with pre-requisite 7-9 2nd.  This class continues to develop students’ Tap and Jazz skills with more complex rhythms, leaps and turns.  Students will 9-11 1st performs a Tap routine in the end of the year recital.

*Ages 9-11 yr olds


  • 30 Minutes Tap
  • 30 Minutes Jazz

Dress Code

  • Tan ‘Slip On’ Jazz Shoes
  • Tan Oxford Tap Shoes
  • Leotard- any color
  • Tights- any color
  • Shorts or Capris- any color
  • Hair up/ out of face
  • No T-Shirts, Tank Tops, or Long Pants

Class Celebrations

  • Halloween
  • Winter Holiday
  • Birthdays- each dancer in class will have a birthday celebration

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