9-11 2nd year

For ages 9-11 or with pre-requisite 9-11 1st– This class is designed to prepare students for upper level Tap and Jazz classes.  Students will refine their skills in Tap and Jazz techniques including complex tap rhythms, leaps and turns.  9-11 2nd performs a Jazz routine in the end of the year recital.

*Ages 9-11 yr olds


  • 30 Minutes Tap
  • 30 Minutes Jazz

Dress Code

  • Tan ‘Slip On’ Jazz Shoes
  • Tan Oxford Tap Shoes
  • Leotard- any color
  • Tights- any color
  • Shorts or Capris- any color
  • Hair up/ out of face
  • No T-Shirts, Tank Tops, or Long Pants

Class Celebrations

  • Halloween
  • Winter Holiday
  • Birthdays- each dancer in class will have a birthday celebration

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