Intermediate Ballet

By invitation only- Intermediate ballet is a high level study of the art of classical ballet.  This class requires extreme discipline and dedication.  Advanced movement such as challenging leaps, multiple pirouettes and turn combinations, and advanced footwork will be included in the curriculum. Ballet vocabulary is used throughout the entire course.  Intermediate Ballet is designed to prepare the dancers for the Advanced level.

*By invitation only


  • 30 minutes of ballet barre
  • 5 minutes of stretch
  • 20 minutes of center work
  • 20 minutes of across the floor
  • 15 minute combination

Dress Code

  • Pink Split Sole Ballet Shoes
  • Leotard- Black, Pink or White
  • Tights- Black, Pink or White
  • Hair in a bun
  • No T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, or Tank Tops

Class Celebrations

  • Halloween
  • Winter Holiday

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