The Choreographic Process

The Choreographic Process will focus on improvisation and movement exploration as it ignites choreography, as well as, the application of effort/shape, spacial pathways, and the elements of choreography to a single work that will be showcased in the recital.



  • 10 minutes warm – up / meditation
  • 15 minutes improvisational exercises
  • 20 minutes exploration of Effort / Shape, Spacial Pathways, and the Elements of Choreography
  • 15 Minutes application to choreography and dance

Dress Code

  • Dance Paws or Bare Feet
  • Leotard – any color
  • Tights – any color
  • Shorts or capris – any color
  • Hair up / out of face
  • No T-Shirts, Tank Tops, or Long Pants

Class Celebrations

  • Halloween
  • Winter Holiday

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