Advanced Modern

By Invitation Only- Advanced Modern is the highest level of study in the art of Modern Dance at Dance One Studios.  This class requires extreme discipline and dedication.  Advanced floor work, grounded movement, and weight shifts will be refined in conjunction with improvisational exploration.  Advanced Modern is designed to foster students in their goals to continue dance in a professional setting.

*Invite only


  • 10 minutes warm-up/stretch/conditioning
  • 5 minutes of center work
  • 15 minutes of across the floor
  • 25 minutes of combination

Dress Code

  • Dance Paws or Bare Feet
  • Leotard- any color
  • Tights- any color
  • Shorts or Capris- any color
  • Hair up/ out of face
  • No T-Shirts, Tank Tops, or Long Pants

Class Celebrations

  • Halloween
  • Winter Holiday

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